Ten Amazing Reasons to Move to Sioux Falls

Full disclosure here, there are far more than ten amazing reasons for moving to Sioux Falls, but we felt that highlighting the top ten would be best. We’re sure that you’ll find even more amazing things about the city once you get here. So, our top ten reasons:

1. Schools. We have some truly remarkable schools in our city for all grade levels, both public and private. The public school system is filled with amazing teachers and programs to engage your students from preschool to senior year. We also have a Catholic school system that has been used as a model for Catholic schools around the nation, a Lutheran school, a Christina school and top-notch universities and vocational schools all while being less than an hour away from both of South Dakota’s main public universities. 

The State Theater in Downtown Sioux Falls

2. Arts and Culture are thriving here! We have some truly wonderful free museums from the Pettigrew House to the Battleship Museum. We have a four-story science center in the Washington Pavilion, which also houses an art museum and holds a theater that brings touring Broadway shows, symphonies and plays. We have music and theater in the parks and a wonderful sculpture walk downtown that changes every spring. 

3. Sports, sports, sports. The Sioux Falls D-League sports are entertaining and family friendly and they win titles from time to time too! Professional basketball, football, baseball, and hockey all have support in our community. The city also holds large sporting tournaments every year with soccer, golf, tennis and swimming. There are teams for all levels and all ages here in Sioux Falls.

4. Entertainment. If art and sports aren’t enough to keep you entertained we also have a number of other outlets for entertainment. Lifelight and Jazz Fest are outdoor music festivals that grow every year. The city also plays host to several major concerts every year, in 2017 Garth Brooks played 7 shows! If you feel like getting active we have Great Bear for winter activities and Wild Water West for water fun in the summer.  

5. Food. This city boasts more restaurants than there are days of the year, more than double actually. We have some amazing locally owned spots with food from all over the world. We have both authentic small spots and large chain restaurants; we challenge you to try them all!

The beautiful falls in Sioux Falls

6. Our Parks are stunning! We have all manner of parks and miles upon miles of trails to be explored. The river has given us a beautiful waterfall downtown and a great spot to canoe. We have stateparks and an arboretum just outside the city with amazing hiking. We have an ever-growing zoo, butterfly house and marine cove, and an outdoor campus that hosts regular classes on wilderness skills. 

7. The Economy here is strong and stable. Industries are growing and our taxes are low. Our medical community is expanding rapidly and so are the industrial, retail, and media industries. We have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, and tax benefits to help support your business should you move here!

Sculpture Walk in Sioux Falls

8. Clean and Safe- we have a low crime rate and we are without the pollution and smog that larger cities suffer from. You can see some truly beautiful sunsets and the stars shine brightly during cloudless nights without city smog to cover them up. 

9. The People here are the friendliest people you will meet. We are a supportive community that is very proud to from South Dakota. The people here are always willing to lend a helping hand and show you all the wonderful aspects of our great city and state. 

10. Last, but certainly not least, the Weather! Yes, we know it can get very cold here. However, it can also be warm! We have all seasons and all temperatures, sometimes within a singe day. You will never be bored with the weather here. Sometimes I ask myself why I live where the air hurts my face, but if you look at the other nine bullets listed, I think the reasons are pretty clear

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10 Reasons to Move to Sioux Falls 
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